Deadly Calm [The Storm Breaks]


Eerie calm. Seconds ticking by. Clouds stacked on the horizon.  Heartbeat. Drawn breath. The squeak of leather. The ring of metal. Uneasy horse hooves. Heartbeat. Another breath. A rush of wind. The squall line is nearly upon you. Heartbeat. Breathe… can you taste the distant hint of rain? The storm is nearly upon you. Rumbling thunder… or is it the marching of ten thousand feet? Palms slick. Heartbeat. Long, deep breath…

One more hour

It will all be over

One more hour

It will all be done

Even if you lose this battle

The war can still be won

So take a deep breath

Warrior, clear your head

Shake off the distractions

This fray is the last one

For just one hour

You don’t have to run


The Warrior’s Sacrifice



You emerged alive

You offered your life

In pain and strife.


A simple thank you

Does not suffice

For the gratefulness

Cherished inside.



Danger every day

You cleared the path

You paved the way.



You gave yourself

Stood in the breach

Passed through hell.


What else can I say?

What else can I do

But shake your hand with

Teary eyes and a thank you.