Missing In Action – Memorial Day Tribute

They never found my dog tags

My jacket or my hat

Gone without a trace

I vanished just like that


When the battle had subsided

When they counted all the dead

Still they couldn’t find me

No clues left to be read


They typed my name

On a plain white page

Sent it home to my family

Because I was MIA


Am I dead

Or do I yet live?

The days pass

Still no answer they give


Am I safely hidden

Or rotting in a cell

The months slide by

Still no one can tell


I wonder if they

Still remember me

Or if my name has faded

To no more than a memory


The worst part

Is the ambiguity

Hanging in the middle–

Gone? Or yet living?


And if I’m alive

If I return

Will I yet be the same

Or will I have changed


Missing in action

A name on a list

Recalled by a few

But by my loved ones missed


The Warrior’s Sacrifice



You emerged alive

You offered your life

In pain and strife.


A simple thank you

Does not suffice

For the gratefulness

Cherished inside.



Danger every day

You cleared the path

You paved the way.



You gave yourself

Stood in the breach

Passed through hell.


What else can I say?

What else can I do

But shake your hand with

Teary eyes and a thank you.