Foundation Stone

IMG_2429.JPG Where could I run
Where could I hide
If Thy righteousness
Stood not by my side

Where then my hope
And what then my plea
If Thou, O my Savior
Died not for me

Where then my trust
My comfort and peace
If Thy sacrifice
Did not this one redeem

Nothing, nothing
Apart from Thee, dear Father
Nothing, nothing
Apart from my Savior’s blood
Nothing, nothing
Apart from the Spirit’s sustaining grace
Not a hope, not a plea
Apart, O Lord my God, from Thee

So catch me, lest I drift
I’ve no power on my own
Lord, now more than ever I need Thee
I believe, I believe, help Thou my unbelief


Forever Faithful

Solid rock
Sturdy ground
Here I plant my faltering feet
Here my hope is found

Great is Thy faithfulness
Sure is Thy love
My heart turns daily
But turns not the grace which flows from above

Great is Thy faithfulness
From day unto day
Provide, sustain, enliven
Strengthen this fainting heart
That is so prone to stray

Solid rock
Sturdy ground
Firm beneath my trembling feet
Here I’ll sink my hope and trust
Here I find my soul’s relief

Broken, needy, craving rest
Once more I come before Your throne