Foundation Stone

IMG_2429.JPG Where could I run
Where could I hide
If Thy righteousness
Stood not by my side

Where then my hope
And what then my plea
If Thou, O my Savior
Died not for me

Where then my trust
My comfort and peace
If Thy sacrifice
Did not this one redeem

Nothing, nothing
Apart from Thee, dear Father
Nothing, nothing
Apart from my Savior’s blood
Nothing, nothing
Apart from the Spirit’s sustaining grace
Not a hope, not a plea
Apart, O Lord my God, from Thee

So catch me, lest I drift
I’ve no power on my own
Lord, now more than ever I need Thee
I believe, I believe, help Thou my unbelief


There Is an Ocean

Avila Beach, San Louis Obispo, California

Avila Beach, San Louis Obispo, California

There is an ocean

I’m standing on its shore

Without boundary or measure

After time and before


The waves lap my feet

And they call out to me

They speak of fathomless love

And undeserved mercy


I glance down at my grimy feet

And at my bloodstained hands

I’ve borne these wrongs for so long

Perhaps I should stay on the sand


What if the flood isn’t enough

What if the stains remain

How can I ever hope to be clean

Doubt weighs me down iron chains


But again lap the waves

Again beckons the flow

Again sings the flood

“Come, be washed pure as snow”


And the ocean waves

Are not a watery flood

The are scarlet red

The ocean is waves of blood


Can this blood heal my scars

Wash away every stain

Will I rise from the depths

Whole and sound again


Still the ocean calls

So I draw a deep breath

I walk down in the waves’ midst

And down to my death


For the flood washes me

Of all that is not clean

I died that day

No power—the past but a dream


But dear friend

It wasn’t the end

I live again


I am complete

No more do I sleep

Not glorified yet

But forever redeemed

Across the Breach

Sunrise Over Mountains

Reviled, He did not revile

Wronged, He did no wrong

But offered Himself

On our behalf…

By His stripes we are healed.


The wrath I deserved

You bore on the cross;

My sins atoned–

Removed beyond thought.


East and West…

How far in between?

As far as my sins were

Removed when I was redeemed.


Deep chasm.


Far off from God,

In condemnation.


Breach impassable.

Bridge uncrossable.

But for Christ,

Hell had my soul.

Salvation Song [Assurance]

What can I say by way of an introduction to this poem? Jesus Christ is my Prophet, Priest, and King. I wrote this poem about two years back, as I struggled with the assurance of my salvation; it’s foundation, permanency, and hope. Thanks be to God for the marvelous ways by which He works in the lives of His children! He used the faithful preaching of His Word and the steadfast example of fellow believers to strengthen my faith and hope. This poem came about as an outpouring of thankfulness, as I sorted through what I knew to be true. There are days when I wake up and I don’t feel saved. There are days when I rise and I don’t feel sanctified. Thanks be to God that our assurance rests solidly on Christ’s work and faithfulness, not on our subjective human emotions. Thanks be to God that our hope is secure, forever secure, in the redeeming blood of Christ.

I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.      (John 10:28-29)


Salvation Song

You woke me up

With the dawn’s new light

Banished the fears

And darkness of night.


You have brought me

From death into life

Drawn me from hell

Given my blind eyes sight.


I was running

From all that is right

But not hard enough

To run from Your might.


I deserved wrath

For all of my crimes

Suffering in hell

Past end of time.


But then came grace

Your Son stooped down low

To raise this man

And bring him on home.


Merciful God

Why beckon this one?

Why cover him

With the blood of Your Son?


I’m not worthy

To fall at Your feet

But You saved me

No more do I sleep.


I did not earn

My Savior’s sweet love

But I have learned

That His grace is enough.


You called my name

And beckoned me come

My sin was wiped clean

By the blood of the Son.


His righteousness

Has become my own

My sin removed

No longer known.


Who was I…

That You would cast Your eye on me?

What was I…

That You would reach down and save me?


Glorious Father…

You sent Your Son…

Merciful Savior…

Redemption was done…

…That day on Calvary.