Foundation Stone

IMG_2429.JPG Where could I run
Where could I hide
If Thy righteousness
Stood not by my side

Where then my hope
And what then my plea
If Thou, O my Savior
Died not for me

Where then my trust
My comfort and peace
If Thy sacrifice
Did not this one redeem

Nothing, nothing
Apart from Thee, dear Father
Nothing, nothing
Apart from my Savior’s blood
Nothing, nothing
Apart from the Spirit’s sustaining grace
Not a hope, not a plea
Apart, O Lord my God, from Thee

So catch me, lest I drift
I’ve no power on my own
Lord, now more than ever I need Thee
I believe, I believe, help Thou my unbelief


Candle FlameThen when at last

My feet no longer tread

The rugged earth beneath

And my eyes close in sleep

I only hope

I’ve left some sort of mark

A footprint in the sand

A beacon in the dark

Hold Fast


Press on for Christ

Spite of the enemy’s force

Plant yourself firm in the river

Stand strong whilst the waters course.


Falter not, fail not

Stand strong from day to day

Pray for hope, pray for strength

This world is only fading away.


Hold fast, weary heart

Stand strong and don’t give in

There is held a better prize

Endure for Christ and don’t give in.


Chin up, brace yourself

Raise your eyes to Christ

Square your shoulders, plant your feet

The grass withers, as do our lives.

Dead Sprint

You think you’re through

You think you’re done

Stop kidding yourself

You haven’t begun.


This is but the start

Of a marathon

You thought sitting was hard

Now try to carry on.


It’s a long run

And a flat out sprint

Duck your head

As you charge the wind.


One more step…

A race is only strides

One step right after the last though

Your lungs are burning inside.


So keep on running

Carry on and don’t quit

Duck your head down low

And charge into the wind.


Your head is pounding

In sync with your feet

Just keep running

Don’t give up or admit defeat.


Life isn’t a ray of sunshine

Beaming over a daisy field

It’s more like a marathon

Run with blinders and all uphill.