A New Adventure

First day of classes at the University of Texas at Arlington. Rather large and strange after the close comfort of community college. Here’s to a new day with new adventures!









The Hallway

Outside, the wind howls and tears at the trees, bending branches and sending aged trunks swaying. Their thin fingertips, which look so much more cheerful when full of life, are long devoid of any comforting greenery. The wind may howl, but it is muted by the long pane of glass stretching for miles in either direction. It is a prison wall between the wild world outside and the clean, sterilized world within. Behind the glass stands a row of doors, like eyes staring longingly out at the wide world into which they know they cannot venture. A long row of doors, each one exactly like the last as they march on their way, trying to chase the end of the glass in either direction. There has been some attempt at creativity—some of the doors open right instead of left—but the rooms within are identical nonetheless. Indeed, if paints could come down off of walls and go out to dinner, this particular palette would be the most dull, tedious, and tiresome company in the entire history of parties.  Scarcely a mote of dust dares to swirl on the chill draft that sweeps in as the door hisses open, letting in the veritable flood of humanity. I sink down in front of one of the doors, my back to the long glass, and let my bag slide to the floor beside me. In a moment, the towering door before me will squeak open, freeing those who have dared to go before me while also beckoning in the hallway haunters who wait without. All around, I hear the hushed and glum whispers of poor, weary souls… “First day of class…”