From Gray to Blue

Sometimes I think too hard
Sometimes I don’t have room to breathe
Sometimes I run too fast
In the pursuit of hollow dreams

So I pour another cup of coffee
Jot another line or two
Praying that tomorrow
The sky will finally be blue
‘Cause I can’t see past
All these dreams that just won’t last
They cloud my day
With bitter gray
And lock my soul away

Sometimes I don’t think hard enough
Sometimes I forget
Sometimes life just passes me by
As I remember how to live

So I sip a bit of coffee
Jot another verse or two
Cast my heart to tomorrow
When the dew’ll be fresh and new
‘Cause I can’t help but dream
Of all the beautiful, terrible things
That make up life
Both joy and strife
In the end combined

Slowly, oh so slowly
I begin to see
Finally, I understand
That there’s a difference between
A check marked list
And the truly important things

An Anchor Sure

People change
The world changes
There are days when the sun doesn’t shine
There are days I know I’m blind
There are days that my world falls apart
And every step is just another false start
There are days I don’t understand
When I don’t know the language
Am sure I’m living in a foreign land
There are days when I don’t want to wake
Days that I’m tired of all this give, give, give with no take
I’ve got no slack
No room to breathe
And the towers of my dreams
Cave in and crush me. . .

But God.
I hold on.
Because there is one thing that remains
One thing sure, one thing the same.
God is God–He doesn’t change.

Even though my world is wrong
Though I forget the lyrics to my life’s song
My God doesn’t change
His promises remain
And nothing can end this beautiful refrain.
My Savior’s love is sure
Though the tempest rolls
He holds me fast
To the bitter last
Though this day is beyond my control…
I am redeemed.
This day is not the final page
I have been saved
And nothing… nothing can change that.
Nothing can sway this
It is the rock where I plant my feet
The place where I anchor my soul
And it holds
Though the hurricane screams
And beats down on me
It matters not, I’ve been redeemed.
Peace, weary soul.
Fret not–don’t get so bogged down
Don’t give up and drown
Take hold of this truth
Tightly cling.


Ocean Waves

“It is said by the Eldar that in water there lives yet the echo of the Music of the Ainur more than in any substance that is in this Earth; and many of the Children of Ilúvatar hearken still unsated to the voices of the Sea, and yet know not for what they listen.” 
~  J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion  ~

Still wash the waves

Back to me

And to the shore

Where hope was moored

Still boils the brine

‘Neath oaken keel

In torrential course

With sovereign force

Still churns the change

To and fro

‘Gainst anchor stern

And will well learned

Hold Fast


Press on for Christ

Spite of the enemy’s force

Plant yourself firm in the river

Stand strong whilst the waters course.


Falter not, fail not

Stand strong from day to day

Pray for hope, pray for strength

This world is only fading away.


Hold fast, weary heart

Stand strong and don’t give in

There is held a better prize

Endure for Christ and don’t give in.


Chin up, brace yourself

Raise your eyes to Christ

Square your shoulders, plant your feet

The grass withers, as do our lives.

Dead Sprint

You think you’re through

You think you’re done

Stop kidding yourself

You haven’t begun.


This is but the start

Of a marathon

You thought sitting was hard

Now try to carry on.


It’s a long run

And a flat out sprint

Duck your head

As you charge the wind.


One more step…

A race is only strides

One step right after the last though

Your lungs are burning inside.


So keep on running

Carry on and don’t quit

Duck your head down low

And charge into the wind.


Your head is pounding

In sync with your feet

Just keep running

Don’t give up or admit defeat.


Life isn’t a ray of sunshine

Beaming over a daisy field

It’s more like a marathon

Run with blinders and all uphill.