Life’s Lullaby

Tiny hands around my thumb

Sleepy eyes shut fast

Little heart that’s captured mine

Can’t believe you’re here at last.


Squawking words

Tottering steps

You’ve grown so much

Just while I slept.


Little questions

Great big eyes

The world’s a mystery

You’re peeling away the disguise.


One morning you wake up

And it seems that nothing has changed

But you keep on growing

As you begin to grasp how life is strange.


Did I just blink?

Where did my baby go?

I’m staring up into the eyes

Of my child full and grown.


The hardest part

Is saying goodbye

This is where you spread your wings

This is when you leap and fly.


It’s a mystery how the years slide by

One joyful moment after the last

On my knees, I start to cry

But the tears are joy for the lives God’s blessed.


Hello dear

My hairs are turning gray

My eyes are dim, my hands are thin

I’m slowly fading away.