Forever Faithful

Solid rock
Sturdy ground
Here I plant my faltering feet
Here my hope is found

Great is Thy faithfulness
Sure is Thy love
My heart turns daily
But turns not the grace which flows from above

Great is Thy faithfulness
From day unto day
Provide, sustain, enliven
Strengthen this fainting heart
That is so prone to stray

Solid rock
Sturdy ground
Firm beneath my trembling feet
Here I’ll sink my hope and trust
Here I find my soul’s relief

Broken, needy, craving rest
Once more I come before Your throne


An Anchor Sure

People change
The world changes
There are days when the sun doesn’t shine
There are days I know I’m blind
There are days that my world falls apart
And every step is just another false start
There are days I don’t understand
When I don’t know the language
Am sure I’m living in a foreign land
There are days when I don’t want to wake
Days that I’m tired of all this give, give, give with no take
I’ve got no slack
No room to breathe
And the towers of my dreams
Cave in and crush me. . .

But God.
I hold on.
Because there is one thing that remains
One thing sure, one thing the same.
God is God–He doesn’t change.

Even though my world is wrong
Though I forget the lyrics to my life’s song
My God doesn’t change
His promises remain
And nothing can end this beautiful refrain.
My Savior’s love is sure
Though the tempest rolls
He holds me fast
To the bitter last
Though this day is beyond my control…
I am redeemed.
This day is not the final page
I have been saved
And nothing… nothing can change that.
Nothing can sway this
It is the rock where I plant my feet
The place where I anchor my soul
And it holds
Though the hurricane screams
And beats down on me
It matters not, I’ve been redeemed.
Peace, weary soul.
Fret not–don’t get so bogged down
Don’t give up and drown
Take hold of this truth
Tightly cling.

Across the Breach

Sunrise Over Mountains

Reviled, He did not revile

Wronged, He did no wrong

But offered Himself

On our behalf…

By His stripes we are healed.


The wrath I deserved

You bore on the cross;

My sins atoned–

Removed beyond thought.


East and West…

How far in between?

As far as my sins were

Removed when I was redeemed.


Deep chasm.


Far off from God,

In condemnation.


Breach impassable.

Bridge uncrossable.

But for Christ,

Hell had my soul.

All Creation Shouts

You ask me how I know

That there is something more

You ask me why I hold so tight

To that with immaterial form.


Why do I believe

Why do I hope

Why do I trust

How do I know?


All I’ve to do

Is glance up at the stars

I see the whirling galaxies

And know that Love cannot be far.


I glance down at my feet

And the blades of grass I tread

Each so tiny, so well designed

But their abundance turns my head.


I breathe in the ocean wind

And watch the fish beneath the waves

I see their glorious colors

Their variety and display.


I watch the birds away up high

And hear the eagle’s mighty shriek

As he plummets earthward to seize his prey

With keen eyes he downward seeks.


You ask me how I know

You ask me why I trust

I’ll point beyond the windowpane

To the creation God has with life blessed.



Assurance. How quickly we forget. How swift we are to remember our tiny cares and yet forget the extraordinary grace of our God’s promises–grace unmerited, yet granted freely.


Our God does not forget His promises. He does not change. Our hope remains steadfast in God; He is our stronghold.


The winds may howl

And the oceans rage;

Christ is my rock,

My hope and my stay.


The sun may burn

With feverish heat;

I will not be scorched,

Christ is my relief.


The earth may quake

And the stars might fall;

My hope is sure,

For Christ is my all.


And in that day

When all be consumed;

I will shelter in the cleft,

For I go not to doom.


Remind Me Once Again

Forgiven… forgiven. Again comes the word. My heart, though drowned in doubt, falls back on this. Forgiven… forgiven. My every sin on Him was laid; He covered the cost–my debt He paid. Forgiven… forgiven. Soul, doubt this not. You have been covered by the Savior’s blood. Remember… remember. Forget this not, nor let your guilt overcome you. You are forgiven, forget it not. Remind yourself, when you are tempted to forget. Because of grace the price was paid, in mercy you were drawn… you have been forgiven. Grace and mercy–because of these you have hope. Because you rely not on your own strength, but on the strength of Christ alone.


Point me back to Christ

Remind me once again;

Let every day be a reminder

Of how He atoned for sin.


Remind me of the mercy

That on my head He bestowed;

When I was still unwilling

My Savior stooped down low.


Remind me of my sin

And my unworthiness;

Remind me of God’s sovereign choice

How He called me spite my sinfulness.


Point back to the cross

And to the precious blood

My Savior spilled, once for all time

For sinners by the Father loved.


Remind me of the love

That pulled me from hell’s grasp

And of my precious Redeemer

Who tenderly holds me fast.


Remind me of the grace

That saved this stubborn heart;

That forgave my iniquities

Full and complete, not just in part.


Remind me of the life

That from my Savior flows;

All who are cleansed beneath the flood

Death shall never know.


Remind me of the faithfulness

That forever will endure;

Christ my High Priest

Presents me to the Father as pure.


Point back to the throne

And to the mercy seat;

Where sits my Savior at God’s right hand

And intercedes for me.

Salvation Song [Assurance]

What can I say by way of an introduction to this poem? Jesus Christ is my Prophet, Priest, and King. I wrote this poem about two years back, as I struggled with the assurance of my salvation; it’s foundation, permanency, and hope. Thanks be to God for the marvelous ways by which He works in the lives of His children! He used the faithful preaching of His Word and the steadfast example of fellow believers to strengthen my faith and hope. This poem came about as an outpouring of thankfulness, as I sorted through what I knew to be true. There are days when I wake up and I don’t feel saved. There are days when I rise and I don’t feel sanctified. Thanks be to God that our assurance rests solidly on Christ’s work and faithfulness, not on our subjective human emotions. Thanks be to God that our hope is secure, forever secure, in the redeeming blood of Christ.

I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.      (John 10:28-29)


Salvation Song

You woke me up

With the dawn’s new light

Banished the fears

And darkness of night.


You have brought me

From death into life

Drawn me from hell

Given my blind eyes sight.


I was running

From all that is right

But not hard enough

To run from Your might.


I deserved wrath

For all of my crimes

Suffering in hell

Past end of time.


But then came grace

Your Son stooped down low

To raise this man

And bring him on home.


Merciful God

Why beckon this one?

Why cover him

With the blood of Your Son?


I’m not worthy

To fall at Your feet

But You saved me

No more do I sleep.


I did not earn

My Savior’s sweet love

But I have learned

That His grace is enough.


You called my name

And beckoned me come

My sin was wiped clean

By the blood of the Son.


His righteousness

Has become my own

My sin removed

No longer known.


Who was I…

That You would cast Your eye on me?

What was I…

That You would reach down and save me?


Glorious Father…

You sent Your Son…

Merciful Savior…

Redemption was done…

…That day on Calvary.