Wednesday Wisdom: George Santayana

george santayana

“The earth has music
for those who listen.”
–  George Santayana  –


Wednesday Wisdom: Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie

“Go for broke. Always try and do too much.
Dispense with safety nets. Take a deep breath
before you begin talking. Aim for the stars.
Keep grinning. Be bloody-minded. Argue with the world.
And never forget that writing is as close as we get
to keeping a hold on the thousand and one things–
childhood, certainties, cities, doubts, dreams,
instants, phrases, parents, loves–
that go on slipping , like sand,
through our fingers.”

~ Salman Rushdie ~

Wednesday Wisdom: Ernest Hemingway

Celebrated my birthday this last weekend…

He pulled out the box from a hiding place behind the sofa,

and my heart skipped a beat–I’ve seen old typewriter boxes before.

I opened the mysterious box, and this was the paper

queued up in the 1950s Remington typewriter.

IMG_3723Isn’t it an absolute beauty? He knows me so well!  🙂


And after having typed on this marvelously noisy beast,

(at odd hours, much to the annoyance and amusement of my family)

I now better understand the beauty of this quote by Ernest Hemingway:


“There is nothing to writing. 

All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”  


Wednesday Wisdom: M. C. Escher


Which reality is actually more powerful:

that of the present, instantly absorbed by our senses and discernible,

or the memory of what we experienced previously?

Is the present truly more real than the past?

I really do not feel capable of answering this.

–  M. C. Escher  –

Journal, 19 January 1945