About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far, be it artwork, poetry, or WIP excerpts. But since you clicked on this link, I’m going to hazard a guess that you’re curious to know more about the writer. Fair enough. I am not a writer who happens to be a Christian. I am a Christian who happens to be a writer.

First and foremost, and before all else, I am a Christian. Jesus Christ is my Savior–He is my Prophet, Priest, and King–and in Him alone resides my hope. Christ alone accomplished what I could not; He paid the price on the cross and atoned for my sin. I pray for strength, that all I am and all I accomplish would point back to the One who is my life and who I live for–I pray that my life would point other lives to Christ.

I do not wish to be a writer who simply writes Christian poetry or publishes a Christian book. I desire to be a Christian who glorifies God in all they do–by God’s grace, I sometimes do it best when my prayers become lines of rhyme. My goal, is to glorify God in all that he grants me the mercy to accomplish; through the lines that I write, the words that I say, and the actions I take.

So welcome to the starlit forest, my friend! Take a stroll between the boles, gaze up at the leaves, take a look, and have a read. Glad to have you along for the journey.


4 thoughts on “About Me

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