The Rite of the Right Way to Write


What is the right way to write?

There are a few ways, so I’ll set you aright.

First, seize your right—tis your right to write

And tis right that it’s so.

Write the sound of the birds in flight

Copy the might of the failing light

And the vast, encroaching night

Record the squabbles and the fights

The lazy arc of the summer kite

And humanity’s enduring plight

The nightmares that give you fright

And the growing season’s blight

None are too trite: W R I T E !

I don’t care, gape and stare

Note them all, bad or fair

Listen to the sounds that blare

And the subtle creak of the rocking chair

In the town square

Or in your private lair

But above all dare…

Dare to write.

Writing is the right way to write

Seize this right, and make it your rite.


6 thoughts on “The Rite of the Right Way to Write

  1. vidaltex says:

    A scramble to ramble

    I tried with all my might,
    but could not believe the slight
    that, despite my desperate fight,
    my left would not allow my right.

    And so, I think it best,
    to admit I fail the test
    to get this off my chest-
    so the remainder is only in jest.

    I have been blessed in this quest-
    to this I’m proud to attest
    that I am obsessed
    to remain a pest.

    • It’s rather fun
      Once you find the start
      You feel quite smart
      Picking words from your cart
      Arranging them one by one
      It’s rather fun
      You feel as though you’ve won
      The ambiguous game of poetry.

  2. says:

    Raelea, your great grandfather, John J. Warns, is applauding you at this minute. He was the owner/editor of a small town newspaper. Tonight sounds like fun. I am w/you in spirit. Love, Grandma

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