Saga of a Hero

Epic Charge

It’s the story that is always told. It’s the tale that never grows old. Down through the ages the saga marches–near and dear to the heart of humanity. It is the saga of the hero. The story of one person recognizing what needs to be done, standing up, taking lead, and charging ahead bravely, no matter the strength of the foe.


The sun was beaming

O’er tree and field

Gleaming on breastplate

Sparkling on shield.


His helm was tall

On noble brow

His eyes were keen

As a mighty owl’s.


With shining hair

And upflung head

Into victory

His army he led.


His arms were strong

His rough hands sure

Out into the open

His foe he lured.


A battle light

Was in his eyes

He stood his ground

His sword pierced the sky.


Valiant heart

Noble soul

Steadfast strength

His spirit whole.


A long drawn breath

The moment still

With racing heart

He breathed his fill.


Then a shout—

All hell broke loose

He rode to ruin

With no hope of truce.


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